Why Biocompatible?

Today, people are more aware – and demanding – of products free of toxic chemicals in their shampoo, detergents, lotions, carpets and clothing. Especially in products used or worn every day – like dental appliances.

Most dental removables contain monomers and polymers that leach toxins into the user’s tissues and bloodstream. According to a 2010 study done by the Dental Research Journal, these toxins have particularly insidious effects on hypersensitive patients, but the toxic burden on the liver and other vital organs is dangerous to all individuals.


ZIGO understands the dangers associated with toxins leaching into the body from dental pieces that are not pure. We are passionate about producing the purest products in our lab.

All products made by ZIGO are BPA and monomer-free – an essential requirement for leading-edge biocompatible dentistry.


Our innovations set the standards for removable thermoplastics. Because of our advanced technology and extensive experience with dental partials and removables, ZIGO can offer the purest, highest quality, and most selection of materials for your needs.

ZIGO uses Flexite allergy-free medical-grade materials in the fabrication of our custom-fit mouth pieces.

ZIGO gives dentists a choice of seven allergy-free thermoplastics allowing dentists to select the best plastic for each specific application. A variety of different thermoplastics are used for custom partials, dentures, TMJ devices, sleep apnea and anti snoring devices, snap-on cosmetic veneers, provisional splints, orthodontics, and mouth guards. Each application requires a slightly different type of thermoplastic to do the job correctly.

Most of our competitors use the same plastic for everything because they don’t offer the variety of thermoplastics like we do. Don’t settle for less. We can always recommend the best Flexite thermoplastic for your application.